Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Love You Hate You

"I love you" she had said, while we were jostling to enter the
classroom. Her fourteen year old eyes sparkling with mischief.

"Why? Why do you say that?" I had asked, blushing crimson. My
heart missing a beat for the first time in its fifteen years long life.

"Because I don't, you stupid!" She was practicing a new language.
'Reverse speak' they called it, she had explained trying to keep a
straight face.

"You mean one thing & say the opposite."

"But why?"

"It's the cool thing going around, don't you know?"

Saw her yesterday, in a queue at a bus stop.
Almost didn't recognize her.
Sparkle drained away from those eyes,
worry lines cut deep in that once smiling face,
a few grey strands to mark the years gone by...

Stopped my car and got out.
"Hey, recognize me?"
Yes, she did, reluctantly.
Offer of ride, silently rejected.

Just as I turned back, a voice from the past calls out.
Faint hint of that sparkle in her eyes
leaves me in eternal doubt,
as her eyes say,
"I hate you..."

1 comment:

Ajay said...

How verry verry true. Happened with me early in life .I mean at 15 ! Does it happen to all of us. Ha Ha DESTINY