Tuesday, May 09, 2006

reflection of Blue

He who fills the universe
and yet remains apart,
how could I fit him inside
a mere heart?

so I became a mirror and-
His reflection I caught
within me

now however big He is outside,
will also be so, forever,
within me

but unaware I was
of laws of reflection
until the moment of revelation

what was right, is now left
truths that I knew
have become untrue
black turned white
and eyes, Blue

© Rajendra Pradhan


these days I remember
the stories you used to weave
and would ask me to believe

they make me aware
of breaths that we take
and venom that we spew
of lives that we fake
and lies that we live
universes apart

time is fine sand
and our untwined hands
make a coarse sieve

you should have stayed
when the world was conquerable
or so, I used to believe

© Rajendra Pradhan

The Quest

on my quest for self
I embarked with zest
each resolute step
like a mistake, perfect

I began by winning
to millions' surprise
the great swimming race
and life was my prize

bagful of wants
stuffed in a skin
always some room
for one more sin

I claimed as my own
with pride profound
tiny breaths snatched
from vastness around

arriving finally to claim
my rest, my birthright
I heard a soothing voice
from behind a bright light

"welcome back my child
your efforts be blessed
a tottering step you were
in my own self's quest"

© Rajendra Pradhan