Monday, October 20, 2008

Where Have You Been?

where have you been?

Long time no see

he said to me

with angry eyes

where have you been?

why did you leave?

not even good-byes!

my shame hung heavy

on my stooping shoulders

for I could not

rhyme my answers


he kept taunting

needling me


with his piercing stares

the poet in the mirror

as I shaved

yet another night's useless crop

off a vaguely familiar face

the only thing that grows

on me these days

I told him

as I rinsed the razor

but where have you been?

tell me, where have you been?

he went on

the same place

I said wearily

as I searched the walls

for a trace of a door

and turned my back on him

the poet in the cracked mirror

Rajendra Pradhan

This is my first attempt at poetry, in a year & half.


Tess said...

And a wonderful attempt it is. I really enjoyed this. I found you on Ryze and am glad I did.
Teresa aka Tess

Rajendra Pradhan said...

Thanks Tess for comments. See you at Ryze too.

Simply Poet said...

you have an awesome collection of poetry

do check out

Login and post so that people can appreciate your wonderful verse and get to know that poets like you are still there and blogging !!