Friday, May 06, 2005

Cosmic Dance

Cosmic Dance
(a poem with some science facts and a little fiction)

Traversing the infinitely curved
Space & Time,
emerged a ray of light
with its speed unchanged
and basked in my plight.

“On my speed are built,
all laws of your Nature.
You are nothing but
just an effaceable signature.
Just a speck of dust,
that was blown away
by the mother of all explosions.”

I pondered & smiled
and said in a mild fashion-
“An explosion my friend,
if it was without passion,
is it just by chance
that in pairs they do
the cosmic dance?
All these charged particles.
in the vortex of a black hole,
as also in my blood vessels?

And why this expanding universe
that was blown apart,
also recedes
into an infinitely dense mass
within my heart?

In life & love I rejoice
The beginning & the end,
are just a matter of choice,
from which end of time line, my friend
you look at yourself.

Whatever little time
that I am granted
in my little curved space,
let me remain planted
and one day, explode with grace

© Rajendra Pradhan

1 comment:

Ajay said...

Man ! you sure are a wonderful person. I mean u r so spiritual n all. I have read very little of the bhagwad gita, got scared in the process n stopped reading it.You must have read it for sure. Bet you have seen life closely and felt both pain n joy. a Cosmic dance - simply wow