Friday, April 29, 2005

Hazal - English Ghazal

HAZAL = Humour + ghAZAL

I will live for you my love and I will die for you
but dahling, please don't ask me to buy for you

ask me not, to sing songs of your beauty
I cannot , may be the mirror will lie for you

believe me my love, I didn't kiss the neighbour
(I knew you had put somebody to spy for you)

digging my grave, I paused to hear her say
"hand me the spade honey, let me try for you"

love cripples you they say and gives wings too
just send me the air ticket, and I will fly for you

don't just give up, stretch and try to reach it
although my ghazal is a bit too high for you

there's glint of daggers in caferati's hands, Raj
if you post another ghazal, the end is nigh for you

1 comment:

David Raphael Israel said...

Long-belated congrats on this, Rajendra! (I guess I missed it back at time of its origin.)