Friday, April 29, 2005

Once Again - English Ghazal

Once Again

may be these fields will turn fertile once again
let us sow some seeds of dreams once again

I see the heavens bowing down at the horizon
is she drying her hair on terrace once again?

she asks me the proof of our first embrace
time to open my bleeding heart once again

I tell the same tale, and with the same fervor
the crowd goes strangely silent once again

was it my question or the way that I asked?
those hands firmly back in pockets once again!

with great rush everybody's running to bazaar
they giving away rumours, for free once again?

they tell me she is likely to visit my tomb
should I start turning in my grave once again?

night falls, I look around, but she is gone
was I holding hand of a shadow once again?

ages ago 'Raj' has stopped singing his songs
yet someone still cries, 'Encore' once again!

1 comment:

Ajay said...

Yes Definitely " Encore" - Once Again -;)