Friday, April 29, 2005

This Year - English Ghazal

This Year

Gujarat had good monsoon they said this year
bumper crop of swords was reported this year

who says politicians have forgotten their voters?
promise of new promises is being made this year

Congress kisses communists and Mulayam the BJP
everybody has a strange fellow in bed this year

Indian industry has grown up, the survey said
perhaps bonded child labour will be paid this year

for fifty-eight years she fought for euthanasia
will they let democracy finally be dead this year?

no fire in Kargil, but there's danger of flood
crocodile tears Musharraf has shed this year

she is smiling at me with those ruby-red lips
I wont ask her how many she has bled this year

I promise to bring home, some butter next year
but my child you'll have to eat just bread this year

"caferati sold out, get your share in cash or equity"
such lovely rumours, those devils spread this year

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